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A group of parents and teachers working periodically in the school garden. In this organic garden plants, vegetables and flowers without pesticides or artificial fertilizers are grown. The children also help in the garden. The work of children in the school garden is a support and coincides with the period when academic study plants or nature. Crops are usually used for stews the cafeteria.

Fall cycle Spring advantage in our latitudes does not freeze and that our students are in the school year is grown.

We perform planting of “seat”, directly in the ground itself, such as planting potatoes, beans, peas, garlic and more. We also have a patch of herbs for cooking school.

We make a big pile of “compost” with the organic remains of the garden, the kitchen and the home of the Center for parents and teachers. All this is mixed with manure from goats and sheep from the nearby mountains to ferment properly and with constant moisture and heat in a few months we will have good quality mulch that will be the key to give fertility to our land element.

Also we are very careful in the way of tilling the ground, not flip, “less deeper” and progressive over time. [/ Toggle]


Although music is a fundamental part of the Waldorf pupils also they want to discover or delve into other instruments can do in the evenings.

At school we have continued working music professionals with educational skills who teach children instrument. Currently the instruments are violin, piano and flute. [/ Toggle]

During the school this morning group meets weekly at the school, from 8.30 h. to 11.00., to produce dolls, figures and objects of felt, wool carpets and much more in order to sell them in the markets. Noble materials are supplied by the school are used.

The techniques used are typical of pedagogy and are transmitted by the mothers themselves such as “felting” with water or needles.

The workshop is free and open to all / the mothers / fathers who want to participate. Not only the development is important; also the teamwork and sharing of experiences is a positive aspect.

Everyone is welcome to participate! … With or without experience in crafts. We always make more hands needed!

“We are a group of parents who meet once a week to share our knowledge and skills, and develop wonderful handmade pieces from absolutely felted wool and other natural materials. Using various t é techniques, especially departing wool felting needle or jab or n, the parents of this comes ñ create reliable workshop toys, fairy, mu ñ echoes and figures to the table of stations. Also, they do not miss our bags have or art í decorative asses like felted flowers, pumpkins and hearts. Also é n mu do ñ Waldorf dolls, scenes Navide ñ or as fairy tales, carpets of various stations and lovely animals point.

Teach ñ parents masters various t é techniques work, but each craftsman-father or mother has his own personal stamp, which results in absolutely original creations and ú Nicaraguans.

We are happy to show you all these creations here í , our p to web page. Our prices reflect the fact that we are a workshop, not a business where the profits help fund the annual school project. By buying in our store is to s helping a good cause and the development of Pedagog í Waldorf in our area. “

Please help our work by buying gift beautiful and useful things. [/ toggle] [/ accordion]

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